I offer a full bridal service to turn your ideas into a dream providing a collection of bespoke , vintage, lace, birdcage, dolmonte and many other styles that can be tailored to match your dress and theme of wedding. Prices start from 25 euro to 175 and beyond!!  (ONCE OFF PIECES) so if you have a budget does not hesitate to contact me so your requirement can be discussed. I understand that some clients will know what they want, others will require a little more help and advice, it may be you are looking to find the right colour to match the outfit, something you can be sure no one else will have, so let me help you find that perfect headpiece for you, creating it with utmost love, care and attention!

BRIDAL / Wedding Gallery

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I can't recommend Rachel enough - She provided great advice to me and made my wedding day that little bit more special with the beautiful veil. It was the talk of the day!

Sinead Walsh - Meath

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